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Proof to Profit: IPS for on-location Photographers with Suneeta Ames

Enrollment Closed

Join Suneeta in a workshop that offers an overview of how to maximize profit potential by utilizing In-Person Sales and adding products and value to your services. This goes over planning and preparation, value proposition, Photoshoot and Sales Session for the lifestyle photographer without over needing a studio. Curate samples effectively with little budget and sell with quality laboratories. Attract clients who are willing to spend and shift your business for high impact sales with proven techniques, templates, non-salesy sales pitch and delivery of services. 

Inspired Intention:
Discover Confidence & Clarity as a Storytelling Photographer with Karina Beck


Join BEC Leader, Karina Beck, focuses on your business plan for the year. How to find ideal clients, how certain intentions and controls going into the session can free their mind to focus on other details during the session. A mix of business and shooting. Gaining confidence and trusting your role as the professional and authority of your business.

The Before: Setting for Colorful, Storytelling Sessions with Anna Kruse


Join BEC Leader and Mentor, Anna Kruse, in The Before Workshop During this workshop we will be going over the most important components which are:
  • Location and how it affects your storytelling 
  • Lighting and how it affects skin tones and colors
  • Wardrobe and how it affects movement, colors and texture 
  • Composition and how you can nail those storytelling images just by how you simply compose yourself and your camera no matter what is thrown your way!

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